Minesweeper: Midnight Madness


  • GenreAction
  • PlatformsiPhone

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When the sun sets, transform into a Vampire, Zombie or Mummy and begin a ghoulish midnight adventure in Minesweeper: Midnight Madness.

Experience the classic strategy game like never before with a slew of new features such as online tournament play, insane items, character customization and much, much more.

- Adventure: 6 fun-packed themed stories with over 48 levels!
- VS Online: Quick Match Mode with Gem betting for up to 2 players
- Time Challenge: Beat the clock to earn more Gems
- Tournament: Real-time competition for up to 8 players worldwide!


  • Play with Style! - Customize your look
  • Unique interfaces for each character
  • Facebook Connection
  • Alter game play with special items
  • Collect Gems for prizes across different game modes.
  • iOS 6 support
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